Proper February 14th romance isn’t just about pretty flowers or heart-shaped chocolates. It’s also about putting in that extra effort to make her smile.

That’s why we recommend sharpening your knives and heading into the kitchen. Yes, the kitchen.

To get you excited about that prospect, here are a handful of cool tools that’ll help you whip up a magical meal she won’t soon forget.

smoking-gunThe Smoking Gun: Channel your inner nouveau cuisine aficionado and add delicious smoke flavor to your dish with this ingenious gadget ($100). Just place the included applewood or hickory chips in the chamber, switch it on, and light it up. Cold smoke will emerge, caressing your dish with the flavors of a wood fire. Not recommended for, say, strawberry shortcake.

salad-emulsifierChef N’ Salad Dressing Emulsifier: Making your own salad dressing may be the easiest way to impress your lady in the kitchen. Why? Because almost no one does it, and a good dressing can make even the saddest of salads into a festival for the senses. This emulsifier ($15) lets you experiment with various ingredients like lemon juice, olive oil, salt, pepper, red wine vinegar and oregano. So just leave the Hidden Valley for your chicken wings from now on, OK?

chef'n-palm-peelerChef’n Palm Peeler: This unfortunately named device ($10) thankfully doesn’t actually shave off slices of your own palm. Instead it merely fits in your palm and peels fruits and vegetables with stainless-steel precision so easily you may want to fill out an Iron Chef application. Peel potatoes for a cheesy Gratin dish or apples for a nice caramelized topping on an irresponsible amount of vanilla ice cream.

spiral-slicerGefu Spirelli Spiral Slicer: Once those veggies are peeled, use the Spiralizer ($30) to crank out artful shreddings. Add a little flourish to your pasta with some spiral-cut crispy sweet potato, do a sick stir-fry with squash and carrots, or sauté zucchini with garlic and grated parmesan for a flavorful side dish. If Mom had only had this, she wouldn’t have had to beg us to eat our veggies.

mortar-and-pestleCHEFS Granite Molcajete: This traditional Mexican mortar and pestle ($35) is carved by hand from a single block of stone and has a textured surface to “grip” herbs and spices as you grind them to release oils, extracting maximum flavor. It’s also great for mashing up a quick, easy guacamole that doesn’t cost $15 at your favorite Tex-Mex place. And trust us, she’ll be wowed.

oil-misterOlive Oil Mister: Mr. Mister here ($36) sprays a thin, even mist of olive (or any other) oil for easy frying, sautéing, roasting and more. Just pump and spray. You can even make your own herb- and/or spice-infused oils. No joke.

donut-makerChef Buddy Mini Donut Maker: When it comes to time for dessert, homemade doughnuts are easily the best thing your lady could hope for on this holiday of love and sweetness. And this fun little fella ($30) can make a whopping seven doughnuts at once. Because who can eat just six? You’d better coat them with a chocolate glaze though. It is Valentine’s Day.