I have such little revenue from my Google Clicks that I can guarantee there is not any click fraud on my site. I haven’t even told any of my friends or family about my site because they might find out how weird I really am. I’ve been reading many stories on the problems of Google and and how companies are being cheated. Some are saying that as much of 1/3 of Google’s revenue is generated through click fraud. I find this very hard to believe. I have read just as many articles from people who have lost their adsense because google accused them of click fraud. I do believe Goog wants to make as much money as they can but they also realize they have to keep their customers happy. This will be very easy to fix and will be very apparent if there is a problem. Here’s how. Companies who think it is a wise investment to purchase adwords will either not pay as much (33% less if they feel 1/3 are not real) or they will not advertise at all. Very simple. This will in turn cause sales and profits to be down which will be reflected in earning. All very measurable. All you have to do is watch earnings and they will answer all your questions about this supposedly growing problem. All this bantor is meaningless, watch the numbers.