There’s not a lot you can do about your height. If you’re shorter than you’d like, that’s just the hand you’re dealt. If you’re self-conscious, you could try heel lifts. Or, here’s a thought: You could just slip into a 13-foot-tall robot suit and look down at everyone you meet.

The mech suits seen in movies like Pacific Rim and Avatar are becoming a reality thanks to Hankook Mirae, a Korean company that’s behind the Method-2 Robot Suit. It weighs in at a cool three thousand pounds and features a cockpit that can house one human operator. It may seem like science fiction but this thing should become available later this year for a price tag around $8 million—which isn’t cheap but, hey, it’s a giant personal robot.

The machine was designed in collaboration with Vitaly Bulgarov, a Hollywood designer whose previous work includes films like Transformers, Robocop and Terminator Genisys. So that’s a big reason why it looks as good as it does.

For now, the wearer of this giant suit can take steps and move its arms in conditions otherwise unfit for humans—think inhospitable terrain or extra strenuous jobs like cargo loading.

So until things progress, try to limit your battles with any Godzilla-like creatures.