Well shit, the sun came up after all. What now? First and foremost, we Clinton voters have got to look at why we lost.

We lost because we do not listen. Dealing with a Trump supporter on FB? Mute them.

Why is that guy at work supporting him anyway? Must be racist. Ignore.

Nate Silver has a model with a very narrow path for Donald Trump to win the presidency? Probably an error.

Even the strangest political party is still made up of people. If my party is afraid of you and you are of us, isn’t that just a waste of time we could spend getting shit done?

We were wrong. And today that means we have President Donald Trump. Not because we forgot to ask 50 million people where they stand on partial birth abortion. But because both parties, according to the Pew Research Center, fear each other.


Which is weird because even the strangest political party is still made up of people. If my party is afraid of you and you are of us, isn’t that just a waste of time we could spend getting shit done? I’m not afraid when I leave my house. I’m not afraid when I travel around in the country. So let’s focus on what does bring us together. On the day Trump takes office there will be more Democrats in the Senate (+1) and the House (+7) than under Obama. This is where laws are made and gridlock is undone. Here are the things that all of us can and do agree upon.

1. Let today happen. Thank your volunteers. Take some time off. This is the day you will mention when young people in 2020 want to tell you why they don’t vote.

2. It’s over. This election has serious consequences in our lives, but it does not define us.

3. On Groundhog Day, we’re going to address our effed up systems of caucuses, primaries and superdelegates.

4. Get “dark money” out of politics. Our local elections are supposed to help us choose for ourselves what we do with our communities. In 2010 a popular local state senator in Wisconsin was up against a Republican and they both spent about $350,000. But scary TV ads attributed to nobody started showing up. It was long after the election when a misplaced court filing showed that a mining company spent $1.5 million to sway the outcome of this small race. The incumbent by 600 votes, or $2,500 per person who was swayed to come out against her. 

5. Ban federal officials from fundraising. Or as 60 Minutes put it, “Are Members of Congress Becoming Telemarketers?”

6. Give us common sense healthcare. We will use it. Trump supporters also agree that healthcare is too expensive. If I can buy stamps at the post office in a cheap (but nothing spectacular) system instead of paying FED-Ex, I should be able to buy into the cheap Medicaid/Medicare system. We the American people own it and pay for it. It gets better with more users, like all public works. The system right now would be like if Amtrak charged taxes on all of us and then built a pretty swift and comprehensive rail system that was only used by the elderly, poor children and the recently incarcerated.

7. Simple budgeting. It costs more to ignore uninsured people than to insure them. It costs more to ignore homeless people than to house them. Why are we paying for mistakes instead of solutions?

8. Impartial district boundaries. Do you know who else lives in your congressional district? Does it have anything to do with the counties you see on your weather map or where you go to vote? No. We need a government by the people, not local wheeling and dealing. The French are the only people who live in districts like this. And it’s terriblé.

9. It is possible to have the best military in the world, the best troops and also not add to the deficit. But only if we add Veterans Affairs to the Pentagon budget.

10. The Party of Better Government. That is our new role. Not big government, not small government. Solutions, services, fuck all else.

Beyond that I’m not going to pretend to be impartial. We lost. But the voters we lost to are equally scared of us. And it’s time to leave that behind in 2016 and beyond.

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