Back to the Future had all kinds of crazy ideas. Flux capacitors, time travel, hoverboards… And while we haven’t seen much innovation on those first two, the last one’s been a topic of regular experimentation. Sadly, the application for actual hoverboards has been disappointing and we’re still confined to the ground. But the new Onewheel+ is bridging the gap between hoverboards and skateboards to make us forget all about Marty McFly’s preferred mode of transportation.

The Onewheel+ ($1,499) is available for preorders now and will begin shipping next month. What you’ll get is a one-wheeled, self-balancing board that’s powered by a “hypercore,” which is just a fancy word for the internal hub motor. It produces enough power and torque to send you forward at speeds up to 19 miles per hour, and for a range up to seven miles. That makes for a fun morning commute or just a casual ride around town, all without avoiding the hills since this thing takes you right up them with ease.

You still have to control it though. But that’s intuitive. You just stand on the board with one foot on either side of the wheel. Tilt forward to go and lean back to slow down or stop. It’s balanced at the midpoint and adjusts to your movements and the terrain, so you’ll get a smooth ride even when bumping over uneven surfaces.

Which means you can skip that awkward learning-to-skateboard phase we’d all like to forget.