Is this the end of an era!? If nude photos of Snooki can’t save the J-list errant celebrities of “Jersey Shore,” then perhaps this is jut the first chink in their shiny, tight armor.

A club in New Orleans, Republic, recently instated a dress code that reads as follows (in all caps): IF IT’S ON JERSEY SHORE, IT’S NOT COMING THROUGH THE DOOR.

In between each blocky line are specific examples of banned designers incase somebody with a blowout roid rages, blows up, and demands to be let in. No Affliction, no Christian Audigier, and no Ed Hardy (Ed Hardy Sucks).

That’s not the only blow they’ve suffered, though. The First Lady of the United States enacted a familial bill that Sasha and Malia Obama are “now allowed to watch ‘Jersey Shore.” They’re only allowed to watch programming specifically for children. This, despite the fact that Snooki getting decked and The Situation having sex in full-view of a camera crew and his housemates only being TV-PG.

And, of course, they weren’t allowed at Fashion Week. Despite some cast members garnering up to $10,000 per appearance at particular clubs, none of the cast members from the shore were allowed to attend any events at all at New York’s Fashion Week.

We cry a single tear as we stare onto the garbage-covered vista that was once the shore, and we just wish that, in memory, somebody would write a moving acoustic rock song about it. Somebody like Bruce Springsteen.

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