I am trying to create a banner for my website and I need your help. I have noticed I have had readers from all over the world. I thought it would be cool if a people would write “WallstreetFighter” on their currency (You could write in pencil or put a piece of tape and write on it if you don’t want to deface your currency) and then scan it or take a good picture of it and send it to me. I am going to take all these pictures and make a collage for my new header. I will thank you buy putting a link to your website if you would like each time I receive a new currency. I would like to see how many different currencies I receive. Please email me the pics and put what country it is from in case it is one I am not familiar with. I will also take the time to learn more about that particular currency. I want to thank everyone in advance and I will post each new currency as I receive one. Send it to this email