Now maybe Erin Burnett will create a LinkedIn profile we can all swarm with requests? That’s like one step away from a confirmed Facebook ‘relationship status’ request, right?

For those with the privilege of being unfamiliar, LinkedIn is a social networking site that has successfully targeted the business community and ‘grown ups the world over’ for their desire to do business networking with peers. The site currently has a following of 27 million (compared to Facebook which, as of today, reached 100 million users).

CNBC has been looking for a way to get its business online for quite some time now. Their website,, while colorful and chock full of interesting content, doesn’t provide the type of interactive resources needed to satiate this Web 2.0 world. They are hoping this partership with LinkedIn will make them a one-stop shop for all your career/business needs.

According to the article in this morning’s Financial Times:

The broadcaster will screen “community generated content”, such as surveys of LinkedIn’s 27m members, make its footage available on LinkedIn and adopt LinkedIn’s networking tools for users to discuss its coverage with their contacts.

Mark Hoffman, chief executive of CNBC, said LinkedIn would allow it to reach a highly targeted audience. Dan Nye, chief executive of LinkedIn, said CNBC would not at first get access to its members’ profile data, but may do in the future.

So let’s get the ball rolling here. Help us complete Erin’s future profile:

Name: Erin Burnett

Profession: CNBC News Anchor/ Biz Babe

Education: B.A. in Political Economy from Williams College

Interests: Stealing Dresses, Being Hotter Than Maria, Pallin’ Around With Jeff Zucker, Chilling With Mark Haines, Squawking On The Street, Reading Street Signs, Loving Vacations, Having Jim Cramer Put His Face In My Chest, Having Chris Matthews Creep Me The F#@% Out.

Measurements: 30 – 24 – 34

Height: 5’6″

FT: CNBC in tie up with LinkedIn, September 4, 2008 via BusinessSheet