Dennis Kneale and Bill Griffeth of CNBC’s “Power Lunch” never really struck me as ‘cool’ or ‘popular’ to begin with, but they took that perception to new levels just now on the air.

I believe they were talking about the possibility of a bailout without a rate cut when Kneale and Griffeth teamed up for these metaphors:

What they’re doing is kind of like when you reach to give a friend a high-five and then he leaves you hanging. – Kneale

Yeah, we said earlier it’s a little like showing up to a costume party where you’re the only one dressed up.” – Griffeth

I guess it wouldn’t really be a costume party then would it, Bill? I feel sorry for you two nerds, I really do.

There hasn’t been this much embarrassing detail revealed live on CNBC since Erin Burnett described the markets as “a colonic”.