The holidays are quickly approaching and if you’ve got an extra $700k sitting around, the Cobalt Valkyrie Personal Aircraft is calling your name.

No, it’s not a drone and, no, it’s not remote-controlled. Yes, this is a life-sized aircraft inspired by the classic fighter jet with the world’s largest one-piece canopy for unparalleled visibility.  The “canard” design boasts a forewing that acts as an aerodynamic fuse to prevent stalls and there’s an optional airframe parachute in case of mechanical malfunctions. Powered by a twin-turbo piston engine that creates 350 hp, the Cobalt Valkyrie is one of the fastest piston aircrafts on the market and will get you where you need to be—in comfort and style, no less. The interior is replete with hand-stitched leather seats and customizable platings and trims, and it can hold up to five people with ample cargo space.

With a $15k deposit, you can now pre-order this thing in a variety of finishes. Now you’ll just need a hangar! Boasting a “fast delivery to early buyers,” you can expect it to arrive in 2017… but if the same definition of fast applies to the actual aircraft, you might want to reconsider going through with this.