Bourbon Summer Brew


  1. 3 ounces lemon juice
  2. 1 ounce ginger juice, syrup, liqueur or concentrate
  3. 2 ounces bourbon
  4. Wheat beer
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How to Make It

Add the lemon and ginger juices with the bourbon to the glass, add a handful of ice (you want the glass to be about half full at this point), then top of with your favorite wheat or other beer, stir gently, and enjoy again and again.

Why We Like It

Summer is finally here. Technically, the late-June solstice marks the official start of the season, for the rest of us, Memorial Day is the green light for shorts, swimming and sandals, as well as shandys and other refreshing beer concoctions, like this Bourbon Summer Brew. Summer brew, as I’ve always known it, is just about any combination of beer, booze, and fruit juices. It’s refreshing, and if done well, not too sweet. While it’s a favorite among college kids, it can grow with you if you use grown-up ingredients. For the Bourbon Summer Brew, I used Four Roses Bourbon and Boulevard’s Unfiltered Wheat Beer. Freshly-squeezed lemons make it perfectly tart, and spiciness comes from ginger, which I juiced in my juicer (ginger beer, liqueur, or syrup will also do the trick, depending on how much ginger flavor you want). However you mix it — even if your proportions are a little off — this cocktail is perfect for sipping over and over again on a hot summer day.

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