The Christmas Tree


  1. Gin
  2. Tonic
  3. Candy cane
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How to Make It

Glassware: Double rocks or Collins glass

Method: Add one part gin and one part tonic (or your preferred ratio) to a glass filled with ice, then garnish with a candy cane and enjoy.

Why We Like It

When I first tasted a gin and tonic, I immediately thought of a Christmas tree. At the time, it wasn’t a good thing; I was very young, and hadn’t quite learned to appreciate the juniper notes of the gin and effervescence of the tonic. I love the drink, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t still think of a Christmas tree every time I have one. And it’s a good thing. This cocktail celebrates the piney essence of a gin and tonic with a festive pop of peppermint. Plus, it’s really simple: it’s just a gin and tonic garnished with a candy cane instead of a lime. As you sip it, the candy cane dissolves, adding a refreshing minty flavor to the drink.

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