Classic Gin and Tonic


  1. 3 ounces gin
  2. 4 ounces cold tonic water
  3. Handful of ice
  4. 1 lime wedge
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How to Make It

Add the gin and tonic to a double rocks glass, then add the ice. Squeeze the lime wedge into the drink and drop it in. Enjoy!

Why We Like It

Remember when the news used to be good? Or at least there was enough good news to seemingly balance out all the bad news? For example, seven years ago today, Captain Chesley Burnett Sullenberger III (otherwise known as Sully Sullenberger) safely landed a passenger plane on the Hudson River after a flock of geese collided with the aircraft and caused it to lose power in both engines. Just thinking of that incident and the news that surrounded it makes me want to put back a few classic Gin and Tonics — a drink that, for some reason, I really only drink when I’m flying.

The classic Gin and Tonic or G&T, according to Dave Broom, author of Gin: The Manual, is “probably the most popular long mixed drink in the world,” and the tonic should be used to “lengthen and enhance, not to obliterate.” So this recipe is heavy on the gin. Just like I like it when I’m up in the air. If it’s too strong for you, feel free to adjust the gin to tonic ratio to your liking.

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