Grilled Lemonade


  1. 2 parts lemon juice (from freshly grilled lemon halves)
  2. 2 parts whiskey
  3. 1 part simple syrup
  4. Turbinado sugar for dipping lemon halves
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How to Make It

Cut the lemons in half. Dip each half in turbinado sugar and grill the halves, fruit side down, over high heat until the sugar has charred on the lemons. When the lemons have cooled, juice each one. To make the cocktail, mix two parts grilled lemon juice, with two parts whiskey, and one part simple syrup. Stir well and serve over ice. Enjoy!

Why We Like It

Now that grilling season is upon us, it’s time to think outside the box (food) and start thinking inside the glass (cocktails). While it would be tricky to grill an entire cocktail, it’s pretty easy to grill at least one element of it. This grilled lemonade features grilled lemons, and it’s my absolute favorite grilled cocktail, as well as just being one of my favorite cocktails, period. What’s not to love? It combines tart, sweet and smoky flavors with whiskey. Plus, it’s super easy to scale. Because it calls for two parts grilled lemon juice, two parts whiskey and one part simple syrup, you can make just one or whip up a huge batch for your next cookout.

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