Health Care Hot Toddy


  1. 1 cup piping hot water
  2. 1 tea bag
  3. 2 ounces whiskey
  4. 1 teaspoon honey
  5. 1 slice of lemon
  6. 3 whole cloves
  7. 1 cinnamon stick
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How to Make It

Prepare the tea directly in the mug, as you normally would with boiling or near boiling water and a tea bag. Let the tea bag steep for about a minute, then discard it. Add the whiskey and honey to the mug. Use the honey spoon or stick to stir well. Gently squeeze a bit of lemon into the mixture, then stick the cloves into the slice (they’ll go in easily using the sharp end of the whole clove). Gently drop the lemon in the mug, garnish with a cinnamon stick, and enjoy.

Why We Like It

Made with tea, honey, lemon, and whiskey, this age-old tonic was originally thought to help relieve the symptoms of a cold. While modern medical professionals may advise against healing with hooch, it always makes me feel better. Even when I’m healthy, it’s an excellent way to warm up on a cold day. Some people make hot toddies with tea, and others just use boiling water. I like the addition of a spicy or herbal tea — especially if I really am sick. I also like my hot toddy pretty boozy, so I use two ounces of rye whiskey. For a milder concoction, use just one.

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