The Rob Ford


  1. About 10 blueberries
  2. 1 teaspoon 100%-pure maple syrup
  3. 2 ounces Canadian Club Whisky
  4. Club soda
  5. Lemon bitters
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How to Make It

Muddle the blueberries with the maple syrup in the bottom of the glass (the handle of a wooden spoon works well if you don’t have a muddler). Add the whisky and a handful of ice. Top off with club soda and a dash or two of lemon bitters (lemon juice will do in a pinch). Gently stir and enjoy. (Don’t like the blueberry bits in your drink? Just strain it before serving.)

Why We Like It

Rob Ford, the Toronto mayor under fire for an ever-growing list of shenanigans — including smoking crack, sexual harassment, and public drunkenness — could probably use a drink right about now. I mean, anything to make him shut up about his sex life, eh? Rob Ford is probably pretty well covered in the booze department. So this Canadian-themed cocktail is for us and our neighbors to the north — who we aren’t judging for any of this. In fact, we’re laughing and cringing with you as we sip on our Rob Ford, made with Canadian Club whisky, Canada Dry club soda, and 100% pure maple syrup. It’s not too sweet and not too dry. You might even have a hard time putting it down. It's like crack in a rocks glass!

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