Traditional Mint Julep


  1. Fresh mint
  2. Simple syrup
  3. Bourbon
  4. Crushed ice
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How to Make It

Add 10-15 mint leaves to the bottom of the glass. Add about ½ ounce of simple syrup, and gently muddle together, careful not to crush the leaves. Fill the glass with crushed ice, then top it off with bourbon — leaving a bit of room at the top for another splash of simple syrup. Garnish with a few sprigs of mint and enjoy. NOTE: To make the simple syrup, combine, equal parts sugar and water on the stove until it reaches a boil. Remove from the heat and allow to cool before using. You can also make a mint-infused simple syrup and skip the muddling step above.

Why We Like It

As the Kentucky Derby approaches, and some have horses and hats on the brain, my thoughts turn to a mint julep — the refreshing bourbon-based cocktail synonymous with Saturday’s big race. Luckily, my friends Beau Williams and Keely Edgington run a bar in Kansas City called Julep. As you might expect, Julep’s signature cocktail is the Mint Julep. In addition to the traditional version, they offer a Modern Julep made with rum and a Vintage Julep made with cognac. Considering there are few things we love more than bourbon here at Made Man, I asked Beau to share his recipe for a Traditional Mint Julep. Essential to a good julep, says Beau, is crushed ice. If you don’t have crushed ice, get some ice and crush it. “I love using a Lewis bag and mallet,” he says. “But a simple bar towel wrapped around a handful of cubes along with a beating of a lifetime with a muddler, mallet, meat tenderizer, or rolling pin will suffice.”

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