When Doves Cry


  1. 2 ounces white rum
  2. 1 ounce ginger liqueur
  3. 1 heaping tablespoon coconut cream
  4. ½ teaspoon Pernod or other anise liqueur
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How to Make It

Add the rum, ginger liqueur, coconut cream and Pernod to a cocktail shaker with a handful of ice. Shake vigorously to ensure the coconut cream gets fully incorporated, then strain into a coupe glass.

Why We Like It

This is what it tastes like when doves cry.

NOTE: This recipe calls for coconut cream, which is what settles on the top of a can of full-fat coconut milk (cream, get on top—See what I did there?). Trader Joe’s also sells cans of pure coconut cream.

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