If you want to snag their attention, try displaying one of these top coffee table book picks. We’ve all been there; sitting in a chair or on a couch, slowly drowning along with the clock’s tick-tock when looking about the room absorbing the items. And then it appears–the coffee book, a.k.a. the next conversation piece.



The classic coffee table book about coffee table books. Kramer’s four legged coffee table book may be taking things a bit too far but without the built-in stand this display has an excellent chance of being one of the best self-explanatory books. “Seinfeld” inspired Alexander Payne’s “Coffee Table Coffee Table Book”, a semi-lengthy book full of various coffee tables. Located on Coffee table books can work anywhere really. Tables near windows can use table books about table books on window dressing. Unmeasurable. You can take this to the four corners of the room.



Small coffee table books on the largest of landmarks. The Biltmore Estate is not your average large American privately owned mansion. It’s the largest U.S. 4 acre privately owned mansion. You can’t go wrong with this Asheville, North Carolina landmark coffee table book. The fireplace in the above photo is one of sixty-five which measures as large as a small room. Every state has a great perk however. Could be the largest, could be the smallest. Display yours within a book to display on the naked coffee table.



The latest of best sellers. Get with the times and display your choice from the latest list of best sellers. Guests will be curious if they know anything about books. Tempted to take a peek just to see why it is a best seller. The latest best seller is about a neurosurgeon’s journey on the other side of the scalpel in “Proof of Heaven; A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife” (found at Little much but a conversation piece all the more.



The reasonable attraction. Ever see a coffee table book too large? The kind that should have its own zip code. Stay away from the table hogs. One good reason would be when that first glass of liquid falls making contact with the coffee book pages. Stay away from displaying child related pop-up books on a coffee table used by guests. Give the children their own table. A reasonably sized coffee table book could be about another attractive item inside of the room. Such as a book on pianos because of the piano in the room or a book on historical fireplaces if you have a fireplace in the room. Just do not display a book the size of a fireplace.



Sports related. The February 2013 Time issue included Garrett McNamara riding a ridiculous 100 ft. wave –in a photo. The village in the photo looks to be swallowed by an enormous mountain of water appearing like an avalanche. A good page to display on the coffee table. Great for water lovers. Water related sports books works best in summer. The next patio book table. Whether water related, or land related, Sports Illustrated always has something of interest. The sports table book should focus on your personal interests such as golf, boxing, weight lifting, tennis, racquetball, volleyball, football, and/or basketball.