It’s the most wonderful time of the year again. The biggest game of the football season is back and what goes perfect with pigskin? Beer. Of course during every game there are about a dozen beer commercials, making you crave an iced cold one to help wash down that platter of wings and make life seem worth living—even when your team is down by three touchdowns. The Super Bowl only comes once a year, so you shouldn’t dishonor it by drinking a 30-pack of some light beer. Instead, here are four of the best beers to drink while watching the game.


Victory HopDevil Ale.


HopDevil Ale is a perfect example of the American India Pale Ale style of beer. American India Pale Ales (IPAs) have a medium body and tend to be heavy on the hops which increases the bitterness of the beer. Most novice beer drinkers are turned off by bitter beers like American IPAs, but HopDevil is a great beer for your macro beer loving friends to get into craft beer, specifically American IPAs. Victory HopDevil pours a copper color and has a slightly sweet taste, which is perfect for those new to the style. Even at 6.70 percent Alcohol by Volume (ABV), it is highly sessionable.


Samuel Adams Octoberfest.


Any of the seasonal beers by Samuel Adams are excellent, especially for a widely distributed brand. The Octoberfest blend, which is available from August to October, is a malty brew that is deep amber in color with just a touch of hops. The Sam Adams Octoberfest is an easy drinker at 5.3 percent (ABV), and is perfect for those tailgating days when there’s a chill in the air. The Sam Adams Octoberfest is an American example of a Marzen beer. Marzen (which means “March” in German) beers were the last beers brewed before the warm weather would settle in and then kept in cold storage for the spring and summer months. The beer would then be brought out to celebrate the new brewing season, usually at the end of September. Can you imagine going six months without beer every year?

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.


This American Pale Ale is a nice step up from the standard brews you see at a tailgate or a football party. American Pale Ales have a good balance of malt and hops, although they tend to be a little more hoppy, but nothing like an American IPA. Not too bitter on the tongue and a heck of a lot more flavor than a Coors Light, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale does not get boring even after you have had a few. At 5.6 percent ABV, this beer is a good choice even if the game goes into overtime.


Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR).


Yes! You’ve read it correctly, PBR. Also known as Hipsters’ Delight, PBR is in fact a great beer to slam down while watching the game with your buddies. It’s very cheap and has a much better flavor profile than brews such as Budweiser, MGD or Coors. So if you’re broke after paying $400 for a game day ticket, PBR is the perfect choice for football fanatics on a budget.