This has got to be one of the must interesting, morbid, unique, and darkly enticing things we’ve seen online lately. And that’s saying something. My DNA Fragrance is a company that concocts perfumes and colognes based on the DNA of a particular human. Creepy? A little. But not as creepy as it seems at first blush.

Your DNA isn’t responsible for your scent directly. That is, there is no one gene to decide how a particular person smells. It’s a combination of mostly environmental factors and myriad inherent, genetic ones that combine to create each person’s unique scent.

So what does DNA have to do with the colognes? Not a lot. They arbitrarily assign ‘notes’ of fragrance to different parts of human DNA. Then, using the unique combination of DNA they’re dealt, they cobble together the resultant fragrance. So, the cologne smells like cologne, the perfume like perfume, and neither smells like Marilyn Monroe naturally smelled (probably a good thing).

Anyway, the colognes sell for about the same price as any other fragrance ($65), you can now get the Obama (named P.O.T.U.S.) or any of several deceased celebrities: Elvis, Einstein, Marilyn Monroe, Katharine Hepburn, Michael Jackson, or Joan Crawford.

You can also send them your DNA and get your own, personalized bottle. And, while this is all somewhat interesting, it’s a little bit too close to the plot of the book/movie “Perfume” for our comfort.