Black and white is a thing of the past. If TV stuck to black and white how would we see the shade of the Jersey Shore kids’ fake tans? If print news never came in color, the Funny Pages would seem a lot less funny. See?

Even Oreos have started dabbling in hues to the classically white crème filling–as long as it remains delicious, we‘re for it. So with everything being upgraded to color, why are most headphones only offered in the typical black or the standard-iPod white? Come on. You’re better than that. knows that and is offering a line of Urbanear Headphones in two different styles: The Tanto and The Plattan and more colors than a Crayola box: light blue, navy, purple, pink, yellow, chocolate, army, salad… You get the picture. The headphone are compatible with any and all mp3 players, and come equipped with a mic and remote compatibility with your iPhone, Blackberry, HTC, and/or Nokia. The Urbanear Headphones can be found for $40 to $60 and you can pick up a pair here.