The female orgasm is far less confrontational than the male orgasm, so of course it’s easier to fake. But Canadian researchers have found that up to a quarter of men may have faked orgasms, too—perhaps even more so than women.

Their survey of 230 men aged 18 to 29 revealed that, on average, participants faked orgasms at least 25 percent of the time in their current relationships—and all of them have done so at least once. Why? They were self-proclaimed noobs, they lacked sexual chemistry with their partners or, for those who were sexually and romantically satisfied with their partners, they wanted to coincide for a mutual orgasm (or appear to) or just make their partners feel better about themselves. Vaginal sex was the most common scenario to fake it, but guys also said they’d done so during anal, oral and manual stimulation… But how?

Several respondents said that condoms helped make it more convincing, but only a handful of all of the men polled actually convinced their partners that they’d orgasmed. We wonder why.