In the world of alternative bicycles, you’ve got your electric options and your folding options. But so rarely do you find an electric bike that also folds. That’s why we’re bringing this particular one to your attention.

The Vektron Electric Folding Bike is a new offering from your pals at Tern Bicycles. They’re raising funds on Kickstarter now, and have already reached their goal, which means this thing should become a reality in the next few months. So get on there to reserve one for yourself (that’ll cost you about $3,000), and you could be the proud owner of a very portable electric bike early next year.

The 250-watt Bosch electric motor will keep you moving smoothly at speeds up to 20 miles per hour, and it can take over when those steep hills would otherwise defeat you. The on-board computer displays your speed, range, battery level and distance traveled, and it will constantly update so you know just how much juice you’ve got left. That same computer lets you toggle between four riding modes and boost your pedaling power anywhere from 50 to 250 percent. So you can get where you’re going quicker, and arrive at the office without looking like you just pedaled 50 miles, in the summer, through the sprinklers.

Once you’ve reached your destination, just hop off the bike, hit a couple releases on the frame and handlebars, and fold your bike into a neat little package that will fit on the subway, in the trunk of your car or under your desk.

Yeah, let’s see someone try to steal your bike from under your desk.