What’s the big deal? It’s two things guys like -condoms and beer- merging together to make the perfect cross promotional marketing scheme. Great idea, right? Wrong.

The story goes, one guy was polishing off a brew at his local watering hole and looked down to see the distinctive Trojan logo sitting at the bottom of his glass. Upon further inspection it turns out it wasn’t a condom or a condom wrapper at all, merely a sticker slapped on the base of the glass peering up at him. On the reverse side is the image of a pig’s snout.

It’s all part of Trojan’s ‘evolve’ ad campaign aimed at painting condomless ‘bare-back’ lovers as pig-like sexual deviants. It seems to be a pretty effective TV commercial, although whenever I see it I can’t help but notice the ‘pigs’ look like they are having a really good time.

But as a sticker advertisement on the bottom of my drink? It grosses me out way too much. The Consumerist points out that it feels an awful lot like drinking Stifler’s bedroom beer in the original American Pie movie. I’m not sure I would go that far, but it does make me think twice about that frothy last sip of backwash in my glass.

Holy Juan: A Condom In My Beer, June 10, 2008 via Consumerist