I’ll never forget when my obsession with the brand known as lululemon began. It was over two years ago now, Christmas Day 2011. That morning, I had received my first two lululemon shirts as a gift from my wife. Apprehensive and hesitant, I slowly tried them on. I felt the buttery soft luon fabric on my skin for the first time. I looked in the mirror and liked what I saw. And from that moment, I was hooked. There was no going back.

You might think it’d be emasculating to have a clothing addiction at all, let alone one for a brand best known for making female derrieres look fantastic, but honestly I don’t care one bit.

But this love affair with the most comfortable athletic clothing known to man… yes, mankind actually goes back a bit further. On Sundays, my wife Marcie and I like to grab a cup of coffee and walk around an outdoor mall near our house in central Jersey. We wander in and out of stores, looking, sometimes buying, but always enjoying the time. New stores would come in and out rather frequently, and earlier that year, we noticed this new store with the name lululemon athletica above it along with a symbol resembling the Greek letter Omega.

Since both of us are fitness enthusiasts, the sign piqued our interest, and we decided to check it out. Walking in, we were immediately impressed by just how amazing the clothing looked. We meandered around for a few minutes, pulled items off the rack to show them to each other, commented on how cool they were and how amazing the fabric felt and then walked out empty-handed. We felt the clothes, while very high quality, were too pricy to purchase for workouts. Also, did I really want to wear something called “lulu”? Kinda on the opposite end of the testosterone spectrum from, say, Under Armour, you know?

But months later, when my wife sprung these shirts on me, everything changed. And for that I am thankful. Since that wonderful Christmas morning, my addiction to lululemon has spiraled out of control, and my drawers are filled with all kinds of lulu duds. As an avid CrossFitter, I refuse to train in any other type of clothing, often finding myself doing an extra load of laundry simply to make sure that I have Lulu shorts and shirts ready and waiting for my next workout.

Why? I believe I function better in these clothes, kind of like a kid who thinks that a new pair of Lebrons will make him jump higher on the basketball court. The only difference is, I truly do perform better due to the light airy feel of the clothes, the buttery soft fabric, and the freedom to do squats, double-unders or snatches without worrying about my clothing interfering with my performance.

Initially billed as yoga and running wear, lulu clothing can take you far beyond a warrior pose and/or a jog, leaving me convinced that this level of comfort and functionality while working out would benefit just about anyone. Beyond the gym, you can totally pull off lulu for a night out on the town. When I wear lulu polo shirts and dress pants, I unfailingly receive compliments about how great the clothes fit, along with questions as to wear I got them. And of course, my answer often surprises.

You might think it’d be emasculating to have a clothing addiction at all, let alone one for a brand best know for making female derrieres look fantastic, but honestly I do not care one bit. I will gladly take the ribbing that comes along with the superb comfort and performance—especially now that arguably the most jacked guy I work out with has gotten on board. It’s never bad for one’s ego or street cred when a guy with arm veins the size of garden hoses wears the same brand you do.

Recently, while getting ready for a workout, a friend asked what kind of shorts I was wearing. I told him that they were the Core Short by lululemon and that they were super light and great to work out in. His reply? “Shorts are shorts.” To which I responded, “Until you put on these.” Seriously, dudes. Check lulu out. Whether you’re a yoga fiend, a running addict or a powerlifting champ, you’ll thank me later.