I get it. When you think of contrast collar shirts, it’s really hard to get that vision of Wall Street’s Gordon Gekko—or, for the younger generation, Office Space’s Bill Lumbergh—out of your head. You think, never in a million years would I wear a French blue with white collar combo. But it’s time to rethink, because these shirts now come in a range of colors and patterns and are hipper than ever.


One part of the rethinking process is recognizing that unlike in the movies, you don’t have to wear them with suspenders, a tie and insanely slicked back hair (or while sipping coffee and constantly asking, “m’kay?”). They actually work great as a layering piece, which makes them less dramatic. When you pair one with a sweater, cardigan or vest, the contrast adds an extra dimension to your outfit.

In some offices, it’s hard to be stand out from the corporate drones and not get weird looks from your coworkers. The contrast collar shirt with a sweater can help you nail it without looking like you’re trying too hard. Here are some of my favorite contrast collars at all price ranges.

White Contrast Collared Shirt, £26 ($40), topman.com


David Donahue Regular Fit Dress Shirt, $135, nordstrom.com


Harissa Stripe Shirt (Double Cuff), $185, us.thomaspink.com

Eton Herringbone Contrast Collar French Cuff Shirt, $250, cladmen.com


Looking for something a little different? Customize a shirt at jhilburn.com. Their shirts start at $89. Try not to go too crazy with the possibilities…


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