As far as we know, this is the easiest grilling recipe ever.

Start with a good pork chop (and maybe a little salt and pepper if you really want to get complicated), a bit of your favorite barbecue sauce and whatever beer you have in the fridge. The recipe calls for ½ cup of barbecue sauce and ½ cup of beer. Those of you math majors out there will notice that those two numbers are the same. So, you can easily make as much of this sauce as you want or need.

In the spirit of keeping things simple, we recommend a no frills-beer. Just use the Great American Lager (a.k.a. a yard beer). Our go-to yard beer is Pabst Blue Ribbon, but you can use whatever you like—or whatever is in your fridge or whatever is on sale.

pbr beer

Beer-Barbecue Sauce Pork Chop
2 pork chops
½ cup barbecue sauce
½ cup beer


Set up your grill for indirect grilling, with a fire under half the grill grate.

Sear the pork chops over the fire for about 5 minutes, flipping once to get grill marks on both sides.

Mix the beer and barbecue sauce in a bowl or large measuring cup.

Move the chops to the other side of the grate away from the fire. Brush with the beer and barbecue sauce mixture about every five minutes until the chops are done (they should be done after about 20 minutes of total cooking time or until they reach an internal temperature of at least 145ºF).

bbq pork chops