There’s two ways to look really cool sitting in a chair: The A.C Slater maneuver, in which you swing the chair to face you, sit in it backwards, and call your girlfriend “Mama”, or the Lean Back, in which you lean on the back legs as if to say, “Yo, teach! Wassup?”

The only advantage the Slater has is that with the Lean Back, you’re at higher risk for a “Fall Back On Your Ass” if your chair isn’t sturdy enough or you get a little overzealous and lean past the point of no return.

But with the Attitude Chair, invented by Deger Cengiz, you can lean back comfortably without worrying about becoming the next star of a viral video. The chair has two extra legs (third legs, if you will) built to the sides that don’t touch the floor when sitting normally, but swing out to replace the two front legs that have lifted off the ground when you lean back. It’s fool proof. The Attitude Chair is $500 and can be bought here.