There are lots of websites you can waste time on, ranging from the mindless to a barrel of monkeys. But not all are necessarily cool. Whether you’re bored or just need to take a breather from your usual time suck (Facebook), the minutes will fly by while poking around these websites and simultaneously upping your online hipness quotient. So, really, you can justify it as not a complete waste of time.


Antiduckfacetime waste websites

Many otherwise attractive women make themselves look ridiculous when posing for photos. The pouty lipped “I’m so sexy” pose is an unfortunate cyber-plague known on this website as “duck face.” The proprietors insist that people who carry this plague look stupid–because they do–and they warn visitors not to do it. Plus, what’s cooler than making fun of annoying chicks who think they’re hotter than they are?


Do you want to learn about obscure oddities such as “bizarre ID cards,” “geekiest wedding proposals,” “disturbing Twitter pics,” “craziest Walmart shoppers” and “truly amazing tree houses”? You never know what you’ll find on this awesomely odd website. You’ll have hours and hours of fun browsing categories like people, advertisements, signs, science and more. Go to and have fun.

Obama Games Online Cool Websites To Waste Time On
He’s the coolest president since JFK. And even if you’re not a fan, turning Obama into a cartoon and having him engage in Presidential Paintball or throwing the old one-two against him as John McCain in a boxing match is pretty badass. This is only a drop in the bucket of things you can do at one of the funniest interactive sites in cyberspace. Most of the games are flash video games, but you can also enjoy presidential coloring pages. Yes, that’s a thing that exists. Cool Websites To Waste Time OnHow cool is it that you can virtually pop bubble wrap? How cool is this interface? Now you and millions of people can release stress by popping those little air pockets virtually and endlessly. The greatest 21st century innovation since the turducken, this website saves you the trouble of counting your pops by counting them for you. You also get points for your eco-consciousness by inadvertently not contributing nasty non-biodegradable plastic to landfills.


Anchor Cracks Up At Fart StoryWatch more Funny Videos

Fail videos? Check. News anchors laughing at farts? Check. Nut shots? Double check. Break–touted as the largest humor site online–has a giant archive of hilarious videos and photo galleries that will allow you to while away the hours, chuckling all the way. The difference between it and YouTube, you ask? Well, Break has editors that pick and choose what’s new and cool and funny in cypberspace. So just about every home page video is nearly guaranteed to be worth a watch, with the added bonus of giving you a head start on the latest memes. Full disclosure: Made Man is owned by Break Media. Even fuller disclosure: One of Break’s executives is not pointing a shotgun at us right now as we write this.