So you’ve finally finished watching Sons of Anarchy, and even though you’re not a British heartthrob with an evasive Cali accent, you’re all amped to hop on a hog and hit the open road.

Trouble is, a lot of motorcycles are pretty intimidating, not to mention crazy pricey.

Enter the Honda Rebel 500, a.k.a. the solution to all your problems. Here are just a few reasons you’d be well advised to swing a leg over this beautiful beast.

1. Super accessible.
Bikes can be a little tricky to handle at first, so it helps to have a user-friendly one. And with a curb weight of just 408 pounds, compact frame and 27.2-inch seat height, the Rebel is easier-than-most to mount, dismount, maneuver and park.


2. Surprisingly versatile.
Wanna personalize your bike? You’ve got the option to add a rear carrier, saddlebags, a windscreen and more. Wanna bring along a friend? You can add a passenger seat and footpegs. Wanna go fast? The 471cc twin-cylinder engine offers loads of low-rpm torque coupled with higher-rpm performance.

3. Nicely priced.
A tentative MSRP of $5,999 for the 2017 edition is damn hard to beat. Seriously, if you know of a better deal on this class of bike, hit us up!

4. Badass looks.
Call us shallow, but style matters. The Rebel delivers with sick blacked-out parts, a classic round LED headlight and your choice of trim—red, black, matte silver metallic and bright yellow. We vote for the silver shade shown here. Pair that with some sweet Italian motorcycle gear as you cruise the streets and, trust us, you’re gonna be glad you opted for that passenger seat…