Coors Light has big plans for advertising this summer. With an all out blitz on Facebook, MySpace and YouTube, they are ransacking the social networking craze.

But do these tactics really work or do ‘fake corporate viral videos’ just seem lame?

Here is one of the main video spots the Coors Brewing company is running on the web. After the jump, we’ll take a look at how much deeper they are willing to go with this:

Perfect Pour – Watch more free videos

Is it just me or do these two guys in the ads seem like the most annoying guys in the world to be at your party? You’re just minding your business, trying to get laid at a BBQ, and this dude comes in screaming about perfect pours and stomping around on your roof. Who invited that guy?

The New York Times ran a ‘business piece‘ today on how the crafty PR guys at Coors Light are really grabbing the bull by the horns on this one.

Have you seen the other Coors Light commercials featuring the ‘Code Blue’ signal being used to get your friends to the bar? The NYTimes article offers a humorously textbook interpretation of the ad:

The campaign started with a television commercial created by Draft FCB that shows a man in a bar sending “Code blue” text messages to his far-flung friends. Curious to learn why he is so urgently signaling them, they find him in a bar, eager to share with them cold-activated bottles of Coors Light.

Ooo, and who wouldn’t want to ‘eagerly share cold-activated bottles’? Well Coors have launched this fully functional Facebook application targeted at legal age drinkers around 25 years old who might want to send ‘code blue’ messages to one another via Facebook.

(Coors Light ‘Code Blue’ Facebook App via NYT)

The Coors Light representative interviewed for the NYT article seemed like your typical dude trying to hawk his wares. Check out the quote from Tim Sproul, creative director for the Coors Light account, which the NYTimes article decided to end on:

“Imagine being able to ‘Code blue’ someone on your iPhone,” he added, “and say, ‘I just got laid off; you better go buy me a Coors Light at the local bar.’ ”

Imagine that! Sounds like the perfect combination for alcoholism and a trip to the hospital, my friend. Maybe throw in a couple of ex-girlfriend drunk dials and a physical altercation with a police officer and you’ve got a solid Code Blue.

Those with medical backgrounds, or a cursory knowledge of Grey’s Anatomy lingo, may be confused with associating a serious medical emergency phrase like ‘Code Blue’ with a couple of watered down beers. The Coors Light rep dude isn’t worried. Is he ever?:

“That definitely came up,” he said, laughing. After the discussion “went back and forth,” he added, it was determined that “it’s so tongue in cheek, so fun, the way we use it,” there would be few or no complaints.

Cool, well as long as it’s done tongue and cheek, then I guess that’s ok. Had they done something more straight forward like suggest “Code Blue – Coors Light Meetings” took precedence over “Code Blue – Your Dad is Having A Heart Attack”, there might have been a problem.

Maybe that should be their next viral video?

NYTimes: For Coors Light, A Night Out That Begins On Myspace, May 28, 2008