University of Idaho Vandals Football was embroiled in some controversy this week when it announced it would be getting rid of their ‘too skimpy’ cheerleader outfits (above) in favor of something more modest.

According to the school’s dean of students, many fans complained that the new cheerleading outfits were too revealing. They will now delve into a $3,000 ‘private fund’ to buy the cheerleaders some outfits with longer skirts and shirts. I don’t really see any difference in the Idaho cheerleader uniforms compared to today’s NFL cheerleader uniforms though, but I guess Idaho is a long way from the NFL. (Even if Boise State’s blue turf is screaming for attention.) What is U of Idaho’s problem? Aren’t they supposed to be ‘Vandals’? Real vandals wouldn’t care what people thought of skimpy uniforms, they would be too busy raping, pillaging, and sacking Rome.

Darren Rovell at CNBC postulates that the swap for more modest clothing could lead to some surprising revenue loss:

If I’m the athletic director of this program, I do one thing. I don’t get caught up in the anecdotal stories. I make it a scientific vote. Season ticket holders get a vote for each game they’ve paid for, anyone who, as of now, has purchased a ticket to a Idaho Vandals home football game also gets a vote.

You have the e-mails on file. Get a computer programmer to make a secure system by which each ticket holder can vote with the votes being tallied.

Why do I do this? Because I need everything I can get to distract people from the product on the field: everything like family face painting, cornhole and groundbreaking cheerleading outfits.

The reason for this? Mostly because the University of Idaho Vandals are a horrible football team. There overall record since 2001 is 17-69, and they only average around 15,008 fans per game. That’s incredibly lucky for them because BCS teams are required to average over 15k a game or they risk losing their status. What if those extra 8 fans were HUGE proponents? of the new skimpy uniforms?

If they were, then Idaho is totally screwed now. To be fair, it may not have been a sense of prudish modesty that forced the cheerleader change, some reports suggest that some of the cheerleaders thought the new dress code was ‘uncomfortable’. That sounds like a load of crap, but still, it might be accurate.

Also, this isn’t the first uniform gaffe that’s taken place at Idaho. In their home opener, the Vandals lost by a whopping 70-0 to the University of Arizona. And on top of that, they had some questionable new logos sewn onto the seat of their uniform pants which have been since removed.

UPDATE: Sorry for the poor explanation of the pants logo — It’s the school’s logo placed inbetween the ass cheeks on the player’s pants. Nike designed the uniform and the school approved it before realizing it was weird and maybe a little phallic to be so close to a player’s ass?

Not since Napoleon Dynamite came out has the entire state of Idaho been so embarrassed.

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