Michaele Salahi and her husband did something countless assassins, terrorists and socialites have not been able to do: crash a White House state dinner. They sidled past all of the secret service, each of the security checkpoints, and even were introduced to leader of the free world himself. Nobody even checked their driver’s licenses.  

They weren’t on the guest list. They didn’t have an invite. How could a couple with (presumably) no military training whatsoever penetrate what ought to be the least penetrable dinner on the planet that night?  

Well, they’re not really talking. In fact, they cancelled their appearance on Larry King and their reps aren’t making any comments. Even Congress wants to know and has called them in for a hearing this Thursday. So what was their secret?  

Well, without an interview (seems unlikely since Congress can’t even get one), we’ll say it probably was done the same way fancy party crashing has always been done. Even if it was a White House party, it was still a party. And there are a few chinks in every party’s armor that will always be exploitable.  

Do bring some booze

Or something. While this isn’t exactly protocol at White House dinners, the principle remains the same. You’re bringing alcohol (or another bauble of some type) to distract from the fact that you’re not even supposed to be there in the first place. For you, we recommend at least second-to-top-shelf liquor (top if you plan on ever seeing these guys again).  

Do dress for the party you want to be at

It’s kind of like how your dad always told you to “dress for the job you want, not for the job you have.” Lay aside for a moment that your dad was assuming a lot about your self actualization, workplace fashion, and how weird it would be to look better than your boss. The theory is sound. If you’re heading to a house party, look like you’re just stopping in on the way to a much nicer club. It’s hard to overdress for a White House dinner. Tuxedos don’t really get any more tuxedo-y. But, you can differentiate yourself from the see of penguins by adding a unique accessory that enhances your style without diminishing formality. Something like these wooden sunglasses.  

Don’t introduce yourself

For an advanced course on this, let’s consider for a moment a man with plenty of experience crashing political parties and being a totally flawless and bodacious actor: The Governator. The scene to consider is in “True Lies” when he crashes the winter ball. He wears a tux (see above), brings something to distinguish himself (sweet dance moves), and doesn’t introduce himself. In fact, he goes so far as to say hello to “old friends” who subsequently feel so bad about not rememebering him that they welcome him into their party and social circle with open arms so they are not found out. We’re betting this was a large facet of Salahis’ White House breaching technique.  

Don’t make a scene (in a bad way)

For this, let us consider the seminal work on party crashing, “Wedding Crashers.” Rule #6 – Do not sit in the corner and sulk. It draws attention in a negative way. Draw attention to yourself, but on your own terms. Do a little reading before hand so you have some safe but snide things to say about politics.  Be the fun, forgettable guy. After all, nobody even knew that the Salahis couple was there until they left an revealed themselves.