You’ve heard of power ties… Well, here’s a collection of power suits, each fashioned after a Marvel or DC Comics superhero. So if you’ve been meaning to wear Iron Man’s suit as an actual pants-and-jacket suit, well now you can. is the brand you can thank for this recent development. The site’s new suit line honoring Captain America, Batman, Iron Man, Superman, Joker and more starts at $299, with the outfits themselves varying in commitment to the roles. You’ve got an Iron Man suit that looks like the real deal, complete with red and gold coloring and lines meant to resemble metalwork. For something less… intense, there’s the downright handsome navy blue Captain America suit, which sports a simple shield pattern on the inside jacket lining and tie. And the Hulk suit appears to be a very unassuming, black two-button number—until you check the inside of the jacket, where you’ll find a large green Hulk who is presumably angry because his pants have torn again.

Something like that sounds helpful for the holiday party circuit since dressing up like a superhero tends to get you noticed. Or, depending on the leniency of your workplace, try wearing one into the office. It’ll give you an extra boost of confidence when asking for that raise.

Just maybe don’t wear one to court.