Writing about yourself isn’t easy, especially when all you’ve got is 500 characters or less. Most guys don’t have a clue what to say in their Tinder profiles and they fail miserably at making beautiful women want to meet them IRL. There’s no denying that photos are fundamental on Tinder, but the last thing you want is to be selling yourself short with a weak bio.

So I’ve rounded up some example profiles that are proven to attract women. How do I know they work? My company, Virtual Dating Assistants, tracks our swiping activity on tens of thousands of dating profiles each month. We handle all the time-consuming aspects of online dating—writing Tinder bios, swiping profiles and messaging matches so our clients can just show up on the dates. You could say I’ve learned a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t.

The best profiles fall into four categories: Over-the-Top, Short and Sweet, Down-to-Earth and Adventurous. The one that’ll work best for you depends on your age, the type of woman you’d like to attract and your photos. After all, you can’t recount your amazing international adventures with pics that were all clearly taken in a basement. Congruence is crucial, and I’m here to help. Here’s a closer look at my four recommended Tinder bio styles.

 Tinder Profile Styles.png

Exaggerated, over-the-top humor works because it stands out in a big way. Women are hard-wired to find funny men irresistible, so if you put a smile on her face as she reads your ridiculous Tinder profile, you’re #winning. Remember, this is all about evoking emotion, even at the risk of turning some women off.

This may be the right style for you if you’d like to meet women in their lower to mid 20s. It could also make a lot of sense if you weren’t particularly blessed in the looks department. If you’re a “man dime,” you don’t need to take things to extremes and risk polarizing women. But if you’re less-than-handsome, sometimes it makes sense to throw a more “safe,” mass-market approach out the window.

Bio Example 1.jpg

Short and Sweet
If your photos are strong enough to stand on their own, you don’t need to be taking as many chances with your bio. When you’ve already clearly won the looks lottery, sometimes it’s better to say a bit less. Go with a more polarizing, over-the-top approach and you may come across as overconfident or downright arrogant. And why risk turning women off who already like you based on your pics? One or two creative, witty sentences are all you need to make her want to get to know you better.

 Bio Example 5.jpg

Good-looking, nice guys in their mid-to-late 30s may want to take a more laid-back, “down-to-earth” approach. This is definitely the way to go if that’s you and you’d love to find your next girlfriend on Tinder. A compelling bio that comes off as grounded and sincere appeals to women who are secretly shopping for their future husbands on Tinder. These ladies are scanning profiles for the total package, so one way to let her think you might be Mr. Right is by not sounding like Mr. One Night.

Bio Example 7.jpg

Adventure Stories
We all want it. The tales of action, drama and romance. The stories to tell our grandkids and R-rated tales to share with close friends. A vivid adventure story makes top-notch Tinder material because it evokes strong feelings of excitement when she reads it, and makes her want to be part of it. Intrigue her. Make her intensely curious to know more about you. These can work great with women of all ages if you have the photos to back them up.

Bio Example 8.jpg

So there you have it—four examples of great Tinder bios for men. Pick the style or example that suits you best, personalize yours so it’s 100 percent you and then watch the matches flow in. Godspeed!