Always wanted to draw your own comic, but not so gifted at drawing? Can’t color in the lines and all your humans look like cat-people? Marvel’s got you covered. Head to Superhero Squad.

Click “Create Your Own” comic, and all your childhood dreams will come true. Particularly useful for avoiding work at your place of employment, the site allows you to tap into your creative side and waste many, many hours of precious productivity time.

You can choose to make a short comic of three to five panels, or an entire book. Choose how many panels you’d like, what characters you want as part of your story (the Hulk, Wolverine, Iron Man, and more), backgrounds, speech bubbles, sound effects; you’re practically Stan Lee. Save your comics and send them to friends. Make an entire book, print out a few copies, and sell them for profit at the local elementary school. Those kids won’t know the difference. Or just hang them on your fridge as a job well done. The entire process is free and can be found with a click of a button, right here.