These Calvin Klein ads from the early 90s really creep me out. They have this strange ‘porn star casting’ vibe. It really doesn’t surprise me that they were pulled from TV after people started complaining.

Wouldn’t you be pissed off too if these ads interrupted your Doogie Howser viewing party?

The casting agent guy constantly sounds like the next thing he’s about to say is ‘Why don’t you take off your shorts for me…’ And why is it that he’s so much creepier with all the dudes than he is with some of those fine chicks?

Anyone preferring to avoid the creepy bare chested guy interviews would be better off skipping to 1 minute into the video when the Italian ‘adult actress’ is interviewed:

Banned Calvin Klein ads – Watch more free videos

But if you think about it, this banned ad is exactly the formula that Dov Charney’s American Apparel company is following today with their risque ads. The copycat technique seems to be working well for the company which recently announced higher sales. The CK ad model is working, right down to Dov’s potential sexual harassment prison sentence!