Mark your calendars. The world’s first international Cougar Cruise is this December 4th – 7th, 2009. Yes, you read that correctly. We are not making one of our many colorful jokes.

This is a cruise designed specifically for younger men and older women, and the Singles Travel Company is actually officially calling it a Cougar Cruise. Meaning the women signing up for this little getaway have no illusions as to exactly who and what they are (and who and what they want). Meaning you probably won’t have to beat around the bush with these fine ladies.

The adventure starts in San Diego, CA and takes you to Ensenada, Mexico, a popular resort town on the coast, known for its beaches and shops. The cruise itself offers your typical cruise affair – dining, dancing, shows, pools, Jacuzzis, a casino… and cougars. Lots of cougars. You’re still reading this and you haven’t booked it yet. Need another reason? It starts as low as $125. This is very affordable, especially if you find a special older lady to be your sugar mama. Check it out here.