Jewelry, bracelets, cufflinks, necklaces–they exist for one reason: to look good. Or rather, to make the person wearing them look good. This has been the case since the accessory was invented.

But in this day and age, serving one purpose just isn’t going to cut it. Where is the functionality? We don’t just want a telephone that makes phone calls; we want one that plays music and takes pictures. We don’t just want a car that drives; we want one with satellite radio and TV’s for the back seat. We don’t just want a toaster; we want one that shoots lasers and grants wishes (look for this in a future Made Mail). But you get our point. It’s time you pick up some Tonia Welter USB Jewelry. They offer six different types of accessories that will look great, and carry up to 4GB. Pick up a stylish necklace for her or a pair of sweet cufflinks for yourself. All the Tonia Welter products are hand-made in Germany and made to order. Is there any way you can possibly not feel like James Bond while carrying computerized data in your cufflinks? Find out. Just head here.