Your boots are great for those rugged moments hiking through the woods. Your work shoes are, well… your work shoes, and sneakers can be great for a day at the gym. Nothing, however, beats the comfort of a good slipper. The problem is that slippers aren’t always proper attire for ambling about your hood, or even heading down to the mailbox to see what the good men and women at the USPS have brought you. The solution? The Surf Slipper Chuka from Cushe Footwear.

We know what you’re thinking: “Do I really want to be the guy who wears slippers out of the house?” We can almost guarantee you’ve never seen a slipper quite this stylish. The suede upper takes care of that, making it look more like a soft hiking boot than a slipper. The microfiber sock and ventilated mesh lining keep your feet cool and dry on your trip down to the corner store on a Saturday afternoon when you just can’t be bothered to throw on a pair of real shoes.

The sole features a lightweight phylon-molded EVA insole, which provides you with just the support your foot needs. The Manuka Honeycomb grip provides you with traction, making these slippers perfect for ambling around the house or the neighborhood on a lazy day. Grab a pair in brown, black or grey for $90 from Cushe Footwear.