Colorware is a technology cosmetics company for the fashion-savvy nerds out there – they take existing products (Macbooks, Xboxes, etc.) and outfit them with custom-color packaging. Want a bright pink Macbook? Can do. Want a Zebra Print Xbox? That’s a little tough since they only do soild colors, but you could probably work it out with a sharpie.

Now they’ve added to their repertoire the Apple Magic Trackpad. You can choose from their usual array of colors to customize your trackpad, but it’s not cheap. If you want to buy the whole kit and caboodle from them, it’s going to set you back $145, but if you already own a Magic Trackpad, you can send it in for coloring for just $75. Here’s what we’d do below (duh), but head to their site and mess around with their color wheel to make your own.