This two-man operation out of Seattle specializes in taking the hard metal and plastic edges off your peripherals and replacing them with warm, earthy, wooden curves to inject a little soul into them.  Something we can all use in this age of tech obsession.

The seller’s profile in Etsy is continually and interestingly updated as they get new species of wood and differently configured gadgets to house in them. They also accept custom orders so you can get exactly what you want in terms of hard drives embedded in exactly the type of wood you want it in. Think about getting a wooden keyboard or a wooden mouse to match.  

If you prefer to stick only with the hard drive, though, your options range from 500GB Sata drives to optical burning drives, to wine racks and mailboxes. The items range around $100 depending on what’s in them and how complicated it is, so check out their profile for all their products.