You have your running shoes, your work shoes, your hang out shoes, your hiking boots, your slippers, and maybe a pair of Crocs for some reason. But here’s the problem: so does everyone else.

And probably in the same shape and style (and in some cases size). How many things do you own that you can honestly say nobody else in the world has? If you head over to and purchase a pair of custom made shoes, you will be able to answer that. To order shoot 21-year old Michael Burk an e-mail telling him what you’re looking for in the design. In fact, Burk suggests you e-mail him details about your personality and some of your favorite things, from movies, to music, to sports, to places, to hobbies, and he will design you the shoes that you were always meant to wear. And the best part? Burk, on principal, will never make the same design twice. He may make similar designs upon request but wants you to be the sole owner of your perfect footwear. Each pair costs $125. Additional info and sample designs can be seen on his website