You should never leave your house without a fork and spoon. You never know when you’ll happen upon some delicious food item that requires more than fingers to eat. But can you going to do? Carry it in your back pocket?

That would be a pain in your ass in more ways than one. Unless you have the new Credit Card Cutlery from A+R Designs. Brilliantly designed, the plastic fork and spoon bend to fit the shape of a credit card and fit right into your wallet with the rest of your cards. Do you realize what this means? Always having utensils, you don’t have to choose snacks on the run that only require your hands and are bad for you, i.e candy bars, potato chips, and cookies. Grab a small salad. Perhaps a fruit cup. Then again, it does free you to dig into a pint of Ben & Jerry’s whenever you so desire. The choice is in your hands…and in your wallet. Just don’t try to charge anything to this card, not many places accept it. The Credit Card Cutlery come in three colors, white, black, and green, and go for $12.00. You can purchase them here.