If MacGyver had one of these guys, the show would have been a lot less interesting. The Cicada LED Knife is everything you’ll need in a sticky situation… and it fits in the palm of your hand.

The Cicada (which thankfully does not make that annoying noise like its insect namesake) comes equipped with the tools you need to make your day to day life run a little smoother. Like, let’s say you’re diffusing a bomb., for instance, and you must cut one wire in a forest of impossibly thin ones to save your life. The Cicada has a pair of precision scissors to get the job done. But, wait. The bomb is still ticking. There’s a thicker wire in the back you’ll have to hack through. Typical, right? Luckily, The Cicada supplies a razor sharp high carbon steel pen knife blade that should do the trick. Now you just have to get out of the pitch dark abandoned warehouse you randomly stumbled upon the bomb in and you‘re all set. The LED flashlight fixes that. Finally, you’re out of harms way and your buddy hands you a beer, only for you to discover… it’s not a twist cap! Breathe a sigh of relief. Cicada’s got you covered with its convenient bottle opener. All in a day’s work