You’re never too old for stuffed animals. In fact, in some cases you might be too young. For instance, having a child unwrap one of these Roadkill Plushes on his or her birthday might be a little messed up.

But for you and your friends with a dark enough sense of humor, these guys fit perfectly on your bed or couch for you to snuggle up to. Complete with spilled guts and tire tracks, you can choose from the typical kill you‘ll pass (or maybe nail yourself) on any given day: a raccoon, a rabbit, or a hedgehog, all equally adorable and dead.

About a foot and a half long, the craftsmanship by UK designer Adam Arber is actually pretty impressive, smashed head to squished toes. Each one goes for $40 and comes in its own body bag, and while you can surely find the real thing for free, we think we can safely say those won’t be quite as cute or cuddly, or evoke a laugh when put on your girlfriend’s bed. We’re still waiting for Arber to put out a lifesize dead deer beanbag chair or something, but for now these will definitely do. You can find them here.