There’s nothing quite like going for a peaceful, morning bike ride. Not a soul on the sidewalk, no traffic. The world is calm and still…Until some guy rolls up blasting Daddy Yankee.

But what if you had your own booming sound system on your bike? What if you had your own sound system on your bike? Perhaps the world’s Suck Quotient would lessen. These iPod Speakers mount on your bike, and allow you to blast your tunes worry-free while cycling. A remote control for switching songs and volumes latches onto your handlebars, so you can avoid flipping onto somebody’s windshield because you were frantically trying to lower the volume when the one Jewel song in your iTunes came on. The case is also water resistant, so don’t worry about being caught in the rain. In fact, the makers suggest taking the speakers poolside, or to the beach — they’ll work anywhere. Pick up your own bike sound system here. If only they’d come up with hydraulics for bikes. Then you’d really be bumping.