You know how you sometimes just want to jam out to tunes that match your mood, or even boost your mood? You’ve got your party playlist, your workout playlist, your sort of depressing playlist, your it’s-finally-a-sunny-day commuting playlist. Cyrano Scent Machine is just another playlist, but instead of playing music, it taps into the most emotive of all sensory signals: smell.

Like music, scents can relax us, wake us up and remind us of memories. As a scent speaker, Cyrano boasts oNotes—olfactory notes or digitally designed scents that emerge from the speaker. It’s controlled through a smartphone app where you can combine different scents playlist-style to match or change your moods. The speaker goes for $150 and comes with a starter set of accompanying oChip cartridges with 12 Natural Moods scents. So revive your energy with oNotes of guava, peppermint and citrus, or relax with lavender, vanilla and lilac.

You can even send your own combination of scents to a lady to get her in the mood via the app. That’s right, Cyrano just took sexting to a whole new level.