Today’s Daily Whoa is more like a Daily WTF. Or a Daily “Wow… that’s really disturbing.”

Because today’s focus is a new bar in Brooklyn with some seriously messed-up wax figures. It’s called House of Wax and it opened this past fall in the lobby of the new Alamo Drafthouse Cinema multiplex in the (also new) City Point retail center in Downtown Brooklyn.

And you might think, because this is situated inside a brand-new upscale mall that cost tens of millions of dollars, that the contents of this bar/wax museum would be fairly tame. Restrained. Censored. You know, “scary” but not scary.

We can tell you: No, that’s definitely not at all the case. This isn’t a Hard Rock Cafe, fun-for-the-whole-family type of environment. This bar has some frightening sculptures. Legitimately macabre, dark, disturbing pieces. And not one or two. Dozens.

Think: death masks of serial killers, some made with human teeth and hair; a man with a giant tumor on his tongue; a life-size model of a digestive tract; a wax model of a woman whose body has become deformed by years of wearing a corset; wax models of facial disfigurements; body parts depicting symptoms of syphilis; lungs afflicted with tuberculosis; the internal organs of a newborn and many babies being born both naturally and by C-section.

There’s even a section devoted to genital abnormalities. And a section devoted to fetal abnormalities.

In all, there are more than 100 anatomical models, and they look like something salvaged from a 19th-century wax museum in Germany. Mainly because they were literally salvaged from a 19th-century wax museum in Berlin.

In one sense it’s effective, though. After viewing these wax figures, you’ll probably need a stiff drink.

Take a closer look at some of the curiosities you’ll find inside House of Wax below.